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"I had  a lot of lung problems with constant coughing for 6 years.  I found out I had cancer in one lung and starting in one kidney.  After just the first healing session I couldn't believe it, I stopped coughing and could sleep on my side for the first time in 6 years.  After the second session the cancer and all of my symptoms were gone and I felt great and continue to feel great to this day 5 years later!" BB, California 

"You are my HEROINE!  From the moment you gave my little daughter the medical reading and healing it was easier for her to breathe.  I am so thankful and happy!  And since the 2 healings you did on me I had an ultrasound done and the ovarian cyst you worked on is gone.  You healed it away and all through distance!  Thank you so much!" 

AD, Canada

This client had a severe life threatening heart problem and was told he would have to have immediate heart surgery.  I fit him in for 3 healing sessions before the surgery.  The day before the surgery he was scheduled to have another ultrasound of his heart.  At his request I did a medical intuitive scan of his heart before he went for the ultrasound and told him the tissue growth that was in his heart blocking the functioning was gone except for a small nob of scar tissue.  I received a very excited call from him after the ultrasound saying that the results were exactly what I had seen in my scan and the doctor said he no longer needed surgery and that the problem with his heart was gone.  "I can't thank you enough, this is incredible!  I was at death's doorstep and now I don't even have to have surgery anymore!" MD, Pennsylvania  

"You have worked miracles on me!  I can't believe that I have gotten my health back and feel so good after suffering with undiagnosable severe health problems for 60 years!  Thank you so much!" VB, Canada

"I just came from the doctor and found out that the PSA number for my prostate cancer has dropped from 31 to 4.5 in 40 days without the doctor doing any treatment yet, it was all from your past life healing energetics!  The doctor said the test had to be a mistake and redid the blood test and that result came back that the PSA number had dropped even more to 2.8! Thank you so much!!" EG, Sweden

"Just wanted to thank you so much for the healing you did for my frozen shoulder.  My arm is now pain free which is wonderful!  I have so much more movement and my arm doesn't bother me when I'm sleeping anymore so that is really a blessing.  I am very grateful!  Your healing is remarkable!  Thank you for sharing it." CG, Qatar

"You are our "house doctor", whenever any of us in our family has anything wrong we call you and you do a medical intuitive reading and a healing and fix us right up."

RO, California 

"You did a medical intuitive reading on me from halfway around the world.  I want you to know that everything you saw in the reading has now been confirmed by tests that the doctor did as 100% correct.  This is amazing!" VN, Germany

"You have cured me in 6 months of what 7 years of psychotherapy couldn't.  Not only have you cured me of my low self esteem and phobias but everything is turning around in my whole life now!  I am now able to do things in my life that I have never been able to do before!  I really want to thank you!!" CB, Hawai'i  

"You have done so much deep work in me and I have changed so dramatically in 2 weeks that people are asking me what I've done.  I have gotten in touch with my deepest power.  Even things in my life are starting to change for the better in only 2 weeks!  This method is are amazing!  I will have more please!" EG, Sweden

"Our little 5 year old grandson had so much anger due to the loss of his mother that he was angry, screaming and crying all the time.  You did one session on him and all his anger is gone and he feels and acts so much better.  We are so grateful." SH, Hawaii

"You cured my cat of feline leukemia in one session.  The vet retested it and it is totally gone when yesterday he said he had days left to live!" HG, California

"Our dog had so many serious health problems it seemed endless and we spent a lot of money at the vet, which none of it helped.  You have healed him with your sessions not only physically but emotionally too.  Thank you!" PH, Pennsylvania


"My cat was bullying and being mean to my other cats.  You did one healing on him and he is totally different now, he has stopped bullying and is calm and sweet now!  It's incredible his whole personality has changed." SP, Qatar 

Janice tells in her own words her incredible story of how working together, she transformed her health and her life by detoxing, cleansing & rejuvenating her body back to health