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Holly works with pets with healing and medical intuitive readings too and is also an animal communicator.  Animals are very open and receptive to healing energies and heal very quickly.  She has successfully healed all kinds of medical problems, illnesses and injuries in animals including feline leukemia, intestinal blockages, cancer, IBS, arthritis, urinary infections, bladder and kidney stones, etc.  She also works with emotional issues in pets such as abandonment issues, bullying, shyness, training problems, etc.  She also does medical intuitive readings on animals and uses the same methods on pets as she does on people.  For more information please refer to the healing and medical intuitive pages.  

"You saved my cat's life and saved him from having to have surgery for the intestinal blockage he had!  He comes running every time he hears your voice on the phone."  AD, Pennsylvania

"I want you to know that not only did you cure my cat of feline leukemia but I just had him tested at the vet for the other "incurable" disease he had and the vet said he can't explain it but it's gone!" PH, Pennsylvania 

"I got my cat from a shelter and he had very bad abandonment issues.  Every time I was gone just for an hour or 2 he would get very worried and upset.  After 2 healings (which he loved) he was cured and is a very happy little guy now." HG, Hawai'i

For Pet Healing sessions please refer to
Group Healings

pet healing~

55 min. $250

pet healing~

25 min. $125

pet healing Package~ book three 55 min. sessions for $675 save $75!

pet medical intuitive reading~ 

55 min. $375

pet medical intuitive reading~

25 min. $200