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Are you tired of not having the money, abundance and financial security you want?  Are you longing to find your soul mate, have better relationships and the love you deserve in your life?  Are you struggling with life challenges or wanting to be rid of blocks & issues?  Then get ready to take an inner journey to get rid of the baggage that is holding you back and transform your life!  

Holly uses quantum modalities that quickly and easily clear the inner blocks, issues, beliefs, fears and traumas that are holding you back in hours instead of years!  This is not talk therapy!  She is certified in many very effective methods and also has developed her own methods including Theta Healing Belief Work, Spirit Work, Metaphysical Anatomy Technique and Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) that can clear the blocks that are holding you back in any area of your life.  So what are you waiting for?  Join her for an inner healing journey that will transform your life!


What happens in a session?

~ Please be well hydrated before your session starts and have a glass of water with you.


~ Holly will talk to you first about what area in your life you want work with and the surrounding circumstances, feelings and beliefs around it.  Please be brief, it is not needed with these methods to go into too much detail or any stories.

~ Clearing energetically the blocks, issues, negative beliefs, fears, phobias, traumas that are the root cause of the problems you are experiencing.  These can be conscious or subconscious and can be from your adult life, childhood, birth trauma, past lives or ancestral beliefs.

~ This can be done without you re-experiencing the original trauma.


~ She will do as many "rounds" of clearing as time permits.  

~ Healing is then done on the areas that have been worked on.  


~ Please no alcohol for 48 hours after a session, as it can disturb the healing.






"This method has cleared blocks in me that YEARS of psychotherapy couldn't, and I have really tried.  I feel totally different, am reacting different and do not have the awful fears that I've struggled with my whole life.  People are even saying I sound different!  Thank you so much!  I feel so free now and you have changed my life forever!"  AM, Sweden

"The distance sessions you did on my husband resolved a problem in 2 months that I have been trying to resolve for years!" PR, Hawai'i

For Life Coaching sessions please refer to
Group Healings

life coaching~
55 min. session $250

life coaching~ 

25 min. session $125

life coaching

Package~ book three 55 min. sessions for

$675 & save $75!

life coaching

Package~ book eight 

55 min. sessions for 

$1,595 save $405!