HOLLY           FOY


Holly was born being extremely intuitive, clairvoyant, clairaudient and empathic and with the natural ability to heal.  She has been able to see, hear and communicate with her spirit guides and Angels her whole life and has felt very blessed to have always had their guidance.  Even as a child she had the ability to see nature spirits, had many premonitions and intuitive insights.  She realised by the age of 5 that she could heal with her hands and saw that she would use this ability later in life to heal many people.


When she was 31 she had a serious illness and after 4 months of unsuccessful allopathic treatments, the doctors told her she needed immediate surgery or she would die.  She went home and prayed about it and kept getting the same answer, that she always knew she could heal with her hands and now it was time to start and that she was to heal herself.  She did heal herself using only her natural healing ability and did not need the surgery.  She then went on to use this healing ability on herself, her family, her pets and friends with astounding results.  Later on she had an ovarian tumor the size of a grapefruit that had also gone into one kidney that she healed herself in 2 weeks.  After that she began to share her gifts on a broader scale and went on to heal many people, children and pets, from newborn babies to the elderly, of all kinds of injuries and illnesses, from chronic, long term to even terminal.


She was born with her medical intuitive abilities also which became apparent at a young age. As a teenager she would know what health problems or illness someone had, sometimes just sitting next to them.  When she was 22-years old, her medical intuitive abilities opened fully and  she was able to see into a total strangers body and see that the young woman had cancer throughout her body with but 3 months left to live.  This information was confirmed as 100% accurate afterwards.  

Today she does medical intuitive readings on people all over the world and is able to scan people's bodies like an MRI and also receives information from spirit to detect what is causing their health challenges.


Holly has studied many different healing modalities for 20 years and is a Reiki Master Teacher, certified in New Balance Clearing, the Holon Method, Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Spiritual Restructuring (SpR), Theta Healing Practitioner and Basic and Advance Theta Healing Teacher, Metaphysical Anatomy Level 2 Practitioner, as well as developing her own healing methods that her healing guides and Angels have channeled to her and taught her including Chakra Healing (similar to Barbara Brennan's method), Spirit Work and Past Life Healing Energetics.  She has been an herbalist for 45 years and has made and sold herbal tinctures and remedies in her practice, and has a nursing background.  She has a group of Angels that channel to her and have even channeled books to her about healing methods and knowledge that they wanted to implement and bring to the earth.  She has dedicated her life to helping people with her abilities and has now started offering webinars to teach these same abilities to others.    


"It is everyones birthright to develop these same abilities if they so choose.  We would like to see this implemented and spread among the earth.  We are here to tell you that it is possible." 

The Angels