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Holly also is certified in alignment modalities including Spiritual Restructuring (SpR), Theta Healing and Spirit Work that work for whole body alignment including all bones in the whole body, spine, vertebras, discs, joints, and muscles.  It is done energetically and is much easier on the body than forceful chiropractic adjustments and therefore holds much better.  This method can be done through distance just as well as in person.  

What Happens in a Session?

~ Holly will look for and adjust energetically whatever bones, vertebrae, discs, joints, muscles are out of alignment and causing you pain or back problems.

~ Sometimes the root cause of a vertebrae being out of alignment is something out of place in a different part of the spine or body, even if that area doesn't hurt, which will be looked for.

~ Any emotional issues or beliefs causing the problem that are identified can be cleared.

~ Some people feel things shifting and popping back into place immediately during a session, or within a few hours, sometimes it can take several days or even up to a week for everything to move and adjust back into place.  


"I suffered with severe back pain for 40 years from a back injury in my childhood.  After 4 sessions I have never felt so free and relaxed in my spine ever and I have NO pain for the first time in 40 years!  Great job Spirit, great channeling Holly!" JR, Sweden 

"I had a back injury from a car accident that never totally healed even after going to chiropractors and massage therapists for years.  One session and that vertebrae popped back into place and stopped hurting for the first time in 16 years." HG, California

alignment~ 55 min.

session $250

alignment~ 25 min

session $125

alignmentPackage~ book three 55 min. sessions for $675

 save $75!